Foundation stone-laying ceremony, Real-time Lab

by | Apr 11, 2019 | News

The foundation stone-laying ceremony for the Centre of Excellence, which houses our Real-time lab took place on Friday, April 5th 2019 in Jonage, in the Lyon area, France.

This lab, which is the largest Multivendor Real Time Simulation Lab in Europe and part of the French National Network Expertise Department, is being relocated from Paris to Jonage, allowing for collaboration with the training department of RTE (the French Transmission System Operator) and its Information Technologies and Digital Services Department.

Foundation stone-laying ceremony with François Brottes (center), Chairman of the Management Board of RTE.

The partnership that will result from the collaboration of these three departments will profit both French and international projects in HVDC capabilities, which reflects the group’s growing HVDC activity. HVDC Square capitalizes on this strong and growing expertise to offer Training sessions and Power systems studies for our clients based across all continents.

Our real-time simulation facility will host HVDC/FACTS Control replicas, which allows for simulations to be implemented accurately and in a safe environment to improve and approve control systems before rolling them out in the field.

« The goal is to create a Centre of Excellence for training, digital and simulation expertise, cutting-edge fields that are growing exponentially, all with a participatory approach that encourages the emergence of new ideas. » – Nathalie Perrin, French National Network Expertise Centre Deputy Director


« New skill sharing between experts, developers and trainers will make it possible to offer “all-in-one” solutions to our external partners, both industrial and academic, to better meet their expectations. » – Benoît Coze, Director of the Training Department at RTE

About RTE International:

RTE International provides its global clients with the services and expertise of RTE’s experts. Europe’s largest power grid experts can support you in all your projects concerning electricity transmission.

About HVDC Square:

HVDC Square is RTE International value proposition about HVDC Technology. RTEi can train your teams, support you in your HVDC Projects and studies thanks to our real-time simulation lab and HVDC/FACTS control replicas.

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